Green Academy Trust was established in February 2009 with the Muslim Community as a whole in mind. We cater for the Islamic needs for our community from 2 years of age onward; all the way to even the Janaza Prayer.
The idea behind the Muslim Education is simple: 
Our children look for identity with those around them, so they should be schooled together with other Muslim children in an environment that is friendly to Islam. A child’s development flourishes when there is arrangement between what is learnt and absorbed at home and what is experienced in the world outside.
Alhmdolilah, there is a dedicated group of parents and community supporters that is beginning to see the fruits of an Islamic Education. Their children may grow up to be doctors or engineers, but most importantly, they want them to be practising Muslims.
Many immigrant parents fail to understand that they grew up surrounded by Muslims. It is much easier to feel like a Muslim, even if you don’t practice Islam very much. Our children are growing up with almost no practising Muslims around them and are therefore not identifying themselves as Muslims!