Curriculum: Autumn Term 2018

In this term, We will also learn about

  • number counting and ordering numbers.
  • about measurements.
  • about 2D shapes and will be doing activities to understand the concept.
  • about patterns and pattern making.

In this term, we will be learning about

  • phonics (Phase 2)
  • about segmenting and blending the words
  • about spelling and practice them.
  • reading our books and focus on guided reading.
  • learning about bare words and will also be writing and copying simple sentences.
  • We will also be doing Phonics Bug Activities.


Level 1 – 2

Islamic Studies

  • Prophets stories
  • Manners
  • Cleanliness

Wudu: Learning to make wudu

Salaah: Learning to pray Salaah

Surahs: Memorising surah Fatiha

Duas: Kalima, Saying salaam, Reply to salaam, Reading Bismillah

Children will interact with a variety of Islamic videos

In this term children will be

  • Learning about their bodies learning the different part of the human body.
  • Learning about the 4 different seasons and when they occur and learning about the weather on a daily basis.
  • Learning about floating and sinking.

The children will be learning different techniques of painting, box modelling, craft making and children choice of creative activities. Children will be baking different and doing craft activities  according to the theme of the week.

Throwing and catching

This ‘Throwing and Catching’ unit for year 1 will teach your class basic ball handling skills. They will learn to control a ball when they are rolling and bouncing, throwing and catching, on their own, with a partner and in a group. The unit progresses the children from simple underarm catching to simple overarm throwing and onto an underarm sling for throwing quoits. They will also develop tracking and receiving skills and learn to move in different ways, changing direction, speed and locomotors quickly.

Curriculum: Summer Term 2018

Class Teachers

Apa Ameneh Mahmoud
Apa Sabeen Sheikh
Quran & Islamic Studies