Curriculum: Autumn Term 2017

In this term, we will be learning about measurements. We will also be learning about 2D shapes
and will be doing activities to understand the concept.

We will be learning about patterns and pattern making. We will also learn about number counting and ordering numbers.

In this term, we will be learning about phonics (Phase 2). We will be recapping the basics sounds and will be learning about sounds like ck, ff, ans ss. We will also be learning about segmenting and blending the words.

We will be learning about spelling and practice them.

We will be reading our books and focus on guided reading.

We will also be learning about bare words and will also be writing and copying simple sentences.

We will also be doing Phonics Bug Activities.

In this term, we will be learning  about Grade 1 duas. We will also be learning about Surah Naas and Ikhlas. We will also be learning about General Islamic Information.

In this term, we will be learning about

  • Floating and sinking
  • Life cycles of butterflies and frogs
  • Magnets
  • Observing plants

Pupil will be learning about basic programmes like paints and Microsoft Word. They will be making pictures and patterns on these programmes.

Pupil will learn about different techniques of paints like shrink, bubble and straw painting. We will be
doing collage work for sea theme. Children will also be drawing, cutting and sticking.

Curriculum: Spring Term 2017

In this term, children will be learning about:

  • Children learning numbers and place values
  • learning how to problem solving counting in 2s
  • Creating patterns
  • Children recognise and identify odd and even number and count in 2s from an even number
  • Beginning to use the language ‘add, more than, equal.’
  • They recognise and identify common 3D shapes learning to name cubes, spheres, cuboids, cones, pyramids and cylinders.
  • They start to describe the properties of these 3D shapes, including the 2D shapes of their flat faces.
  • Children explore lengths, heights and weights, learning to compare each of these, using direct comparison.

In phonics sessions children will be learning phase 2 and 3, learning how to write sentences independently and creating sentences through the imagination. Learning how to become imaginative writers, spelling words phonetically correct.

In this term, children will be learning about:

  • Qaida Sabak
  • Duas
  1. After Sneezing
  2. On hearing something pleasing
  3. After hearing the prophets name
  • Surahs
  1. Falak
  2. Ikhlas
  • Islamic Studies
  1. Story of Ibrahim (AS)
  2. Times of daily prayers
  3. Using the toilet
  • Practicals
  1. Wudu
  2. Salaah

Children learning different types of paint techniques which are

  • Blow paint
  • String paint
  • Bubble paint
  • Free paint

Children will also be making clay pots, making treasure maps, treasure boys, pirate ship, etc for pirate theme.

Children having a choice of designing and making thing that they want.

  • Children will be learning about Microsoft word and paint on class computers
  • Using “phonics bug” games and activities
  • Using interactive promise programmes and games

In this term, children will be learning about

  • life cycles of frog and butterfly
  • Learning about under the sea creatures
  • Water proof materials
  • Magnets

Curriculum: Summer Term 2017

Class Teachers

Apa Ameneh Mahmoud
Apa Sabeen Sheikh
Quran & Islamic Studies